Trading Schedule
ESE All Share Index: 460.11      ESE Market Capitalisation (SZL): 4,364,278,514      Bank Rate: 6.50      Prime Rate: 10.00      Inflation: 5.50      USD/SZL: 17.11      GBP/SZL: 20.97      CAD/SZL: 12.58      EUR/SZL: 18.07      CHF/SZL: 18.33      JPN/SZL: 0.1254     
GRYS: 320cps       INALA: 140cps       NED: 1,365cps       RSC: 1,520cps       SBC: 890cps       SEL: 3,700cps       SWP: 790cps      
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ESE Equity Board Trading Schedule

The Exchange operates three types of markets: The Main Board, the SME Board and the Debt Securities Market, with plans to introduce Exchange Traded Funds, Global Depository Receipts, Currency and Commodities Derivatives in future.

Trading in securities on the equity board is divided into different sessions with the following operating hours:

Sessions Time
Pre-opening 8:00 hrs to 9:00 hrs
Opening 9:00 hrs
Continuous 9:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs
Closing 16:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs
Post-close 16:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs

The operating hours of the automated trading system for the equity board and the length of the sessions shall be set by the Eswatini Stock Exchange.