Annual Reports
ESE All Share Index: 465.33      ESE Market Capitalisation (SZL): 4,327,237,158      Bank Rate: 5.00      Prime Rate: 8.50      Inflation: 4.60      USD/SZL: 17.04      GBP/SZL: 19.88      CAD/SZL: 12.99      EUR/SZL: 17.05      CHF/SZL: 17.41      JPN/SZL: 0.1229     
GRYS: 315cps       INALA: 140cps       NED: 1,300cps       RSC: 1,520cps       SBC: 890cps       SEL: 3,700cps       SWP: 790cps      
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Annual Reports

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