1250 | 00.00%

Royal Swazi Sugar (RSSC)

1520 | 00.00%

Swd Empowerment (SEL)

3500 | 00.00%


790 | 00.00%

Swazispa Holdings

600 | 00.00%

Greystone Partners

300 | 00.00%

SBC Limited

780 | 00.00%

Inala Capital Limited

130 | 00.00%


An international securities identification number (ISIN) is a 12-digit code that is used to uniquely identify a security’s issue e.g. shares, bonds, etc. This is currently the main method of securities identification worldwide. Please Click here to read more about ANNA and ISIN Codes.

The Eswatini Stock Exchange (ESE) is the recognised numbering authority for issuing ISINs for Eswatini, as authorised by the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA).

You can read the ANNA Guidelines to find out more.