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Royal Swazi Sugar (RSSC)

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We provide a regulated marketplace for buying and selling of shares at prices determined by supply and demand, notwithstanding other macro-economic fundamentals. The ESE provides a properly constructed and regulated environment that ensures integrity and fairness among stock market participants. We supervise and monitor the trading process to ensure transparency in the market and that no unfair practices are done to manipulate the market. Any off-market deals and any unethical criminal activities are dealt with within the framework of the rules and regulations governing stock market transactions in Eswatini. Only authorised stockbrokers and dealers are allowed to transact in securities on behalf of the public.

The regulatory framework that governs the ESE’s role as a market regulator and the compliance obligations of authorised ESE members comprises the Securities Act, 2010, the ESE Rules and Directives, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority Act, 2010, ESE Listings Requirements and the Companies Act, 2009.  The regulatory activities undertaken by the ESE Market Regulation division include the monitoring of trading in the various ESE markets to identify possible market abuse and oversight of ESE members’ compliance with their regulatory obligations.

Market abuse consists of three forms of conduct prohibited in terms of the Financial Markets Act, namely -

  • Insider trading;
  • Prohibited trading practices (market manipulation); and
  • False, misleading or deceptive statements.

The ESE Market Regulation division utilizes electronic surveillance systems to monitor and analyse trading in ESE listed securities, in order to identify potential insider trading and market manipulation.  The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (“FSRA”) is responsible for investigating potential market abuse and instituting enforcement action where appropriate.  All instances of potential insider trading and market manipulation identified by the ESE Market Regulation division that the division believes requires further investigation are referred to the FSRA for their consideration.


FSRA ACT, 2010




For any query, concern or complaint related to:-

Trading activity in one of the ESE markets, including potential market abuse; or

The operation of your account at one of the ESE member firms if the member firm has not satisfactorily addressed your issue, you may contact the ESE Market Regulation Division by providing us with all the relevant information.

For all other queries please contact