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It was a triple celebration as the Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini launched the Automated Trading System’s (ATS) new name and logo for the now Eswatini Stock Exchange (ESE). The launch, which saw the PM announce the new name from Swaziland Stock Exchange, took place at the Royal Villas last Friday. Making his remarks during the event, the PM said the unveiling of the new name and logo was indeed a part of the evolution of the Eswatini Stock Exchange brand, coinciding with one major milestone for the exchange, that of successfully completing the automation of its trading platform. He said the re-design and re-imagining of the logo to one that ‘stands out’ is a clear testimony that the brand of Eswatini Stock Exchange was well-positioned in the market-place to meet the requirements of investors looking for opportunities to derive higher investment returns. “It is my pleasure, from the onset, to announce the new name of the local Stock Exchange to be Eswatini Stock Exchange (ESE). “May I take this opportunity to appreciate the expertise of Escrow Systems (Pty) Ltd from the Republic of Zimbabwe who partnered with ESE to automate the Eswatini Stock Exchange Trading Platform. “I recall our first breakfast meeting where this gigantic project was introduced to me while I was in my previous employment. I was excited because I knew that the automation will see the exchange moving from a manual system to joining other modern markets,” he said. The PM also noted that the evolution of the ATS was in line with government’s commitment towards uplifting the ICT sector and bringing efficient, affordable and convenient services at the fingertips of all Emaswati. “For both the sell and buy sides, the ATS will revolutionise Eswatini’s capital markets by reducing the cost of transactions, enhancing market liquidity and increasing transparency. “Also since the ATS solution will come with mobile trading, it was clear to me that it will allow retail investors and company secretaries to use native applications like Android and iOS applications to enquire about their portfolios in the comfort of their homes or offices through an online Investor page. “May I take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting the work of the ESE. A special gratitude goes to the FSRA and the Central Bank of Eswatini for working together to support the ESE in its endeavour to turn around the market,” he said.

  Wed Aug 2019