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Who we are

Functions of the ESE

The ESE has two main functions to fulfil, that is to:

  • Act as a primary market for the raising of new capital by companies through the sale of securities to investors, and
  • Provide a secondary market for the subsequent trading of these securities in a supervised and regulated environment.

ESE Products

The ESE aims to provide the right kind of product to suit investors and issuers so that it meets growing customer demands and challenges of the globalization of financial markets. This can be achieved through product innovation and diversification. The following products are currently offered;

  • Equity/Shares
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Government Bonds

Equity Market

The equity market is a facility that can be used by companies to raise capital for their operations through the issue of equity, stock or shares. The words equity, stock and share are often used interchangeably since they mean the same thing. A share is regarded as part ownership of a company, therefore shareholders own the company through the purchase of shares in the company.

Only public limited companies are eligible to list on the stock exchange. A company intending to apply for listing must conform to the listings requirements, which specify the rules and procedures that govern new applications, proposed marketing of securities and the continuing obligations of issuers.